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Solar water heaters Puerto Rico

The best solar heaters in Puerto Rico - Energy Star Certified

Hurricane resistance Approved

Universal Solar brand solar heaters® are the best-selling in Puerto Rico. They have proven to be the most durable solar heaters, resistant to hurricanes and efficient in heating water with the energy of the sun. The Universal solar heaters are made in Puerto Rico, since the year 1965. The new solar heater models®, allow consumers to save from $70.00 to $180.00 per month, on the electricity bill, when any electric water heater use in the home is replaced for a new Blue Forest solar heaters®.

Energy Star solar heater Puerto Rico

Energy Savings

When you buy a new Blue Forest solar heater® you are investing in a healthy renewable energy product for the whole family. The initial investment of the solar heater recovers over several years, since they generate an energy saving up to 35% per month, depending on the consumption of hot water and type of electric heater, which you are using in your home or business to heat the water. 

We are Universal Solar pioneer and the biggest solar heaters manufacture plant in Puerto Rico, since the year 1965. Is been proved, that our solar heaters have a useful life of 20 to 25 years. It means when we replace from your home or business electric water heater for a new Blue Forest solar heater®, you will get an 'Actual Real Average Savings’. Look at this true example: Take 240 months of useful life of a Universal solar heater® that are equivalent to 20 years. Multiply it for $70.00 monthly saving, you will save the large amount of $16,800.00. Fact based on the cost you pay, per kilowatt hour (kWh) in Puerto Rico, today. 

¡Yes!, you will receive more “money back”, than your normal bank account will give you or your credit card with 2% cash back benefit in this period of time. In addition, your initial investment for the purchase of the Blue Forest solar heater®, will be refunded in less than 5 years, according to the solar heater model you purchased and hot water consumption used in the home or business.

The most important: With a Blue Forest solar heater® you will have ‘FREE’ hot water 24 hours a day and during any emergency without needing electricity. You don't need to have electricity in your home and business to have hot water with a Blue Forest solar heater®, ‘Warranted’. We manufacture seven (7) Blue Forest solar heaters models to achieve this purpose for your satisfaction. 

OG-300 Solar Heater

The new solar heater models are certified in water heating efficiency by the Solar Rating & Certification Corporation (OG-300). The materials used in their manufacture make them the most resistant against hurricanes, saltpeter and hail rain and against environmental pollution. They are the only solar heaters in Puerto Rico with federal hurricane resistance certification #80-8043. 

Energy Star solar heater Puerto Rico

The United States EPA certified the Blue Forest solar heaters®, Energy Star® as 100% lead-free solar heaters inside and for their performance for heat water with the sun daily. The water pipes inside the solar panels are not painted black, as they do with traditional solar heaters. The black paint they use to paint the tubes has a high lead content, so at Universal Solar, it does not use black paint in the manufacture of Blue Forest® solar heaters.

Solar Heater Blue forest

Blue Forest solar heaters are manufactured with Tinox Energy®. Tinox is a navy blue sheet (Blue Forest®) that is applied with an industrial machine, to the outside of the copper water pipes, which are inside the solar panel that heats the water with the sun. The main benefits of Tinox are that it does not peel like paint and has the ability to absorb 97% more ultraviolet rays from the sun. This allows the water to be heated faster and at a higher temperature, even with the glare of the sun.

Solar Heaters Puerto Rico

You'll have hot water 24 hours a day and no money on electricity. Blue Forest solar heaters are made of 6061-T6 aluminum, solid copper and stainless steel tubes, which are materials resistant to saltpeter, corrosion and hurricanes.

Invest today, in a Universal solar heater® Blue Forest model®, so you can enjoy with your family having 24-hour free hot water for 20 to 25 years of solar heater service, while saving a lot of money on your monthly electricity bill, guaranteed.

Water Heaters Solar Puerto Rico
Solar water heater Energy Star

Energy Star certifications issued to two (2) models of our solar heaters guarantees to every customer, that our solar heaters are made of one hundred (100) percent materials free of lead contaminants (safety) and that they are of high energy performance. The Blue Forest solar heaters models with the Energy Star seal are safe and guaranteed in water heating efficiency by the Solar Rating & Certification Corporation (OG-300). When you purchase an Energy Star solar heater you are investing in a renewable energy product, which will save you a lot of money on your electricity bill, because of the greater energy savings they generate.

Solar Water Heater Heavy Duty, Puerto Rico
Heavy Duty water heater Energy Star

Solar water heater system high performance. For supply high hot water volume and temperature. Heavy duty solar water heater for use in large houses with 4 to 6 bathrooms with shower, shops, small hotels, houses with apartments, motels, guest house and others. The Blue Forest solar heater has energy-saving seal, Energy Star®

Approvals and Certifications

Solar Heaters - Universal® Solar

Solar heaters certifications, Puerto Rico
Solar water heaters made in Puerto Rico

2016 Universal Solar – Best solar heaters and water tanks manufacture plant of the Caribbean.

Solar heater and water tank

57th Anniversary - Sale

Solar Heaters - $300 bonus discount

Solar heaters installation includes: Thermo water tank, Blue Forest solar collectors®, aluminum table for the water thermos, check valve, pass-through key, water pressure regulating valve, pressure relay valve, certified anchors for hurricane resistance and up to 60 feet of copper water pipe. 

Offer #1

Blue forest solar heater - 82 gallons

82 gallon water thermo tank with 1 to 3 solar collectors

$300 discount

Basic installation included in Puerto Rico.

Offer #2

Blue forest solar heater - 120 gallons

120 gallon water thermo tank with 2 to 4 solar collectors

$300 discount

Basic installation included in Puerto Rico.

Área cobertura para la instalación solar heaters: San Juan, Caguas, Ponce, Mayagüez, Arecibo, Bayamón, Dorado, Guaynabo, Fajardo, Humacao, Guayama, Toa Baja, Gurabo, Carolina, Lares, Cabo Rojo, Cayey, Cupey, Cidra, Trujillo Alto, Cabo Rojo, San Sebastián, Naguabo, Isabela, Aguada, Naranjito, Aguadilla, Guánica, Corozal, Naranjito, Orocovis, Moca, Aguas Buenas, Vega Alta, Manatí, Toa Alta, Vega Baja, Toa Baja, Manatí, Patillas, Villalba, Ceiba, Guayanilla, Peñuelas, Rincón, Añasco, Guaynabo, Arroyo, Yabucoa, Hatillo, Quebradillas, Rincón, Barceloneta, Hormigueros, Río Grande, Barranquitas, Aibonito, Sabana Grande, Isabela, Salinas, Coamo, Santa Isabel, Juana Díaz, Camuy, Juncos, San Lorenzo, Hato Rey, Viejo San Juan, Condado, Canovanas, Lajas, Loíza, San Sebastián, Lares, Cataño, Levittown, Las Marías, Yauco, Peñuelas, Las Piedras, Ceiba, Ciales, Luquillo, Utuado, San Germán, Jayuya, Sabana Grande, Adjuntas, Vega Alta, Coamo, Comerio, Maunabo, Moca, Morovis, Maricao, Florida, Vieques y Culebra.

Water tanks

Have clean potable water for any emergency. Reserve water tanks 100% stainless steel 304 made in Puerto Rico.

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Pay in Universal Solar

We do installations in Culebra and Vieques islands.

The service has an extra cost of USD$400 for maritime travel.

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